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by Brian Pospy, Magna Rohinni Automotive, Business Development Manager
May 15, 2020
When I visit the fifth graders at Clarkston Elementary School in Michigan as part of A World in Motion STEM program, I bring in examples of the new kind of lighting we’re working on at the Magna Rohinni Automotive joint venture.

I show the kids how we can curve light and put it in motion using mini and micro LEDs. It wows them every time.?

Introducing new technology is what I enjoy doing, from the classroom to the Consumer Electronics Show.

When I’m not volunteering and getting kids to dream about a future in the auto industry, I’m part of a nine-member team based in Holly, Michigan, that’s getting ready to dazzle customers and consumers when we launch our product FLECSFORM in the coming months. What this new tech enables us to do is light years away from run-of-the-mill automotive lighting. Just imagine:
  • The iconic pony emblem galloping across the front of the Ford Mustang’s grille, a gleaming Chevrolet bowtie logo that invites a second look, or dynamic lighting that animates a Ram truck badge
  • Luxury vehicle interiors that become an unlimited canvas for designers, with seat stitching and exotic materials that are backlit to create a dramatic look??
  • Reconfigurable motion lighting that can shift from a wave pattern to a text message to pedestrians, or safety messages that alert drivers via mini and micro LEDs built into a vehicle’s A pillars?
  • Lighting that can be anything from a design signature in a vehicle to a communication tool – and a high-tech way to build a brand

That’s what the Magna Rohinni Automotive joint-venture team is envisioning when we talk about creating “endless possibilities” with light that go far beyond conventional LEDs or light-emitting diodes. We are pioneers in a new era of automotive lighting, and we’re ready to introduce modern lighting magic with FLECSFORM.

By using thin-film micro and mini LEDs – as thin as a piece of paper – Magna Rohinni Automotive provides high-performance, flexible lighting that opens up new possibilities for design and product differentiation. Our ultra-bright lighting solutions promise to take interior displays to the next level, even in bright sunlight.

Our lighting is energy-efficient, eye catching, and perfect for new mobility, everything from cars and trucks to electric scooters and drones. It is rewarding to show kids what the future of lighting looks like on a small scale. Now we’re ready to be a beacon for pacesetters in the global automotive industry.



Brian Pospy

At Magna we strive to bring automakers and end consumers the latest technology to improve safety, performance and the driving experience. Through our JV with Rohinni, we are creating a new class of lighting products that have unlimited potential in the mobility market. And with our expertise across the entire vehicle, we have the ability to place these lights in seating, exteriors, tail lamps and beyond.

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