Magna International

Public Regulatory Reporting

Responsible Reporting

Magna is responsible to report to the public on selected substances used in our manufacturing processes and contained in the materials used to create our products.

The majority of substances received at Magna’s operations are contained within the metals, plastics and coatings used to create parts. Many of these substances pass through the manufacturing process with minimal loss or transformation, with scrap reused and recycled into new raw materials wherever possible.

Toxics Reduction Act Ontario

Starting in 2011 for 2010 usage, the Ontario Toxics Reduction Act requires regulated facilities in Ontario to make annual reports available to the public and to their employees regarding the use of selected regulated substances in the manufacturing process.

Click here to see the 2018 Reporting Year Substances for Magna's Ontario Facilities.

Seveso Communications - Europe

The Seveso regulation, also known as Seveso III Director is aimed at improving the safety of sites with large quantities of dangerous substances. Magna facilities that use Seveso listed chemicals above certain thresholds are required to provide communication on risk for hazardous materials on site, safety procedures and actions for the public to follow in case of a serious incident.

Click here to see Seveso communication for Magna’s Europe Facilities

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