Magna International

Magna Runs in the Family

For some people, the decision to work for Magna doesn’t begin at a job recruitment website. It begins at the kitchen table.

There, Magna employees tell their families about their workplace satisfaction and potential for job growth. The families, in turn, make Magna one of their top choices when it comes to a job search.

Profiled here are three of our global families and the stories of how they have come to work for our company – and why they continue to spread the word of why Magna runs in the family.

Global Roots, Good Feelings

Johann L?scher’s family, with origins in China and Europe, is a microcosm of Magna’s global roots.

The 21-year Magna veteran engineer met his future wife Shuang when he spent two years working on a development project in China.?

When they married and moved to Graz, Austria, Shuang learned German and began working for Magna as an assistant to a project manager.?

Today, Johann is a Magna Steyr group leader for printing and document services; Shuang is a team member of processes and methods for new projects.

In addition, their two children, Meina and Andi, both mechanical engineers, also work for Magna. Meina is in the chassis and powertrain department in Graz, while Andi is in production planning. Andi’s duties include business trips to China, his home country.

While they don’t work together, the family ties are strong at home and on the job.

An Incredible Place

Tim Kelly’s immediate family, including wife Nancy and daughter Julie Ripley-Kelly, all work at Autosystems Belleville in Ontario, Canada. But the family ties don’t end there. Included in their extended Magna-family are 21 other Deaf and hard of hearing employees who have been welcomed into the Autosystems community.

As Tim and Nancy described the “warm feeling” they get when they come to work, both had tears in their eyes.

“It’s an incredible place,” said Nancy. “I’m so happy working with Magna.”

Tim, a General Machinist Journeyman, was hired in January 2016 and became the first Deaf person hired at Autosystems Belleville. Today, he calls the Magna job interview that led to his job “a gift.” He encouraged Julie to apply and they, in turn, urged Nancy to join them. Nancy is a Production Associate and Julie is a Material Handler.

In addition to his day job, Tim has become the plant’s?“ambassador,” a sort of unofficial recruiter with connections to the Deaf community. The division works closely with the Canadian Hearing Society.

The 1,200 associates at the plant are offered on-site training in American Sign Language, and an interpreter for Deaf employees is available for team and safety meetings. Other health-and-safety accommodations, such as strobe lights in addition to fire alarms and special lights on forklifts, are used in the facility. More assistive technology may be added in the future.

“As a good corporate citizen, we thought we should look to?
the local community,” said Robin Mills, the Human Resources Manager at Autosystems Belleville.? “The Deaf and hard of hearing employees bring diversity and opportunities to our division.”

"Good Vibes" for an Extended Family

Four siblings in the Lara Laguna family worked baking cookies at a manufacturing plant in Celaya, Mexico, when one of them decided to seek employment at the local Magna Exteriors plant.

Jose Luis was the first of the four to be hired by Magna. He told his family that the plant had “good vibes,” and soon his sister Maria de Jesus decided to apply.
She was hired, followed by her twin siblings, Juan Carlos and Maria del Carmen, who were happy to make car parts instead of cookie dough. The opportunities for advancement in the auto industry are greater and there’s lots of job satisfaction, they said.

“Our mother Josefina always tried to teach us to support each other and work together,” Maria de Jesus said. “We’re all really happy working for Magna.”

Jose Luis is a group leader in the painting area. The other three are production operators at the plant.

There are seven more siblings in the Lara Laguna family.?