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FREEFORM? Technology

Magna’s FREEFORM? is a remarkable seat trim cover technique that provides a clean, sculpted, seamless styling surface and the freedom to achieve endless design possibilities.

With FREEFORM? you can create an extraordinary seat design that distinguishes your brand, saves time, cleans easier and keeps your customers more comfortable.

Too good to be true? At Magna we apply science fiction thinking and make it an automotive reality. It’s only impossible, until it isn’t.

Be Free. Choose Magna FREEFORM?

Free yourself

Free yourself from traditional designs
Free yourself from discomfort
Free yourself from cramped legs
Free yourself from crumbs
Free your biceps
Be Free. Choose Magna FREEFORM?
Foam Technology

Magna manufactures flexible polyurethane foam for seating, head restraints and armrest applications. Available in low, medium and high density formulations, our foam portfolio includes conventional, renewable and recycled options. We can also manufacture black foam for enhanced craftsmanship, as well as dual firmness foam pads for more flexible occupant comfort and functionality.

Trim Technology and Development

Our global trim and textile knowledge provides excellence in automotive seating material engineering, product support and technical expertise. We are dedicated to innovation, developing world-class design solutions that offer exceptional value. From inspiration and concept development through to production, Magna offers a full-breadth of services including analysis, testing, manufacturing feasibility and insights into material characteristics.